Growing up in Ohio with my "commercial artist" dad inspired me to draw. I was in awe
of the endless rows of markers, huge sketchpads and walls of ideas that filled his office.
Today, my pencil is Bluetooth enabled and the paper is an iPad pro, although I still use markers and paper. Whatever medium works best for the message.
I have successfully used my experience, leadership and design skills to help launch several brands. Go to Case Study to learn of one such launch.
I've been fortunate to have worked for large companies such as Apple, Clorox and Gap along with agencies and start-ups. Since going out on my own, I've worked with the
San Francisco Symphony, Storefront Political Media, Poppy Wines and Ornish Lifestyle Medicine to name a few.
Whatever the creative challenge, I'm always ready to seize it with alacrity that
surpasses expectations!
Thank you for visiting my site. Let me know if you have a creative challenge you'd like to discuss with me!
~ Libby
I hold a BFA, major in Graphic Design from Ohio University and certificates from U.C. Berkeley Extension and General Assembly. 

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