Growing up in Ohio with my "commercial artist" dad inspired me to become an artist.
I was in awe of the endless rows of markers, huge sketchpads and walls of ideas that filled my dad’s office. 
When it was time to decide on a college curriculum, I chose Graphic Design as my major within the College of Fine Arts at Ohio University, graduating with a BFA. I have had the good fortune of pursuing a career in graphic design and illustration ever since. My education is ongoing as workplace tools and design thinking continue to evolve. 
Iconic Bay area brands I've had the privilege to work for include Apple and Gap. On the agency side, I've been part of creative leadership teams developing promotional programs for such brands as Del Monte, Dreyers and Visa.
I've led the creative side of start-up teams—collaborating with CEOs, other designers, writers and web engineers to launch their brands.
My love of drawing (especially cats) has created opportunities for me to tell other people's and company's stories using a variety of mediums for various purposes. In the last few years, I've had the chance to do "live" drawing in front of an audience (yikes). This practice is called many things, but "graphic recording" is the term many people use to describe it.
Whatever the creative challenge, I'm always ready to embrace it with an exchange of ideas with all stakeholders to bring about fresh, effective results.
I invite you to check out my portfolio. If you like what you see, let's talk.
I hold a BFA, major in Graphic Design from Ohio University. 
Certificates from U.C. Berkeley Extension (HTML course) and General Assembly (UX Design).
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