Growing up in Ohio with my "commercial artist" dad inspired me to draw. I was in awe of the endless rows of markers, huge sketchpads and walls of ideas that filled his office. 
In high school, I had an incredible art teacher — Mrs. Zoph — who taught us how to think, and not just how to master the technical skills of expression. 
This approach was further encouraged by my design and illustration professors at
Ohio University where I pursued my BFA degree, majoring in Graphic Design. 
I continue to seek out opportunities and inspiration to learn and enrich my practice of design.
I have successfully used my experience, leadership, design thinking and technical skills to launch several brands. For example:
As Creative Director of 3 Phases Energy, my first order of business was to develop a refresh of their brand. Soon after, I was challenged with branding a new company after a division buy-out from 3 Phases. In just four months, I put together a team of marketing and PR experts, freelance designers, a copywriter and a web team to name, create, test and launch the new company. We were on time and on budget. The clients followed. It was an incredible team effort. See the Case Study.
In my role of Design Manager/Art Director at Gap, I was challenged to innovate and streamline training and motivational materials for a global store employee population,
receiving internal company awards for doing just that. I led a team of designers, production, translation and fulfillment staff to deliver a constant stream of deliverables. Moreover,
I presented to upper management and visited stores to test our products, receiving  positive feedback from the field.
Whatever the creative challenge, I'm always ready to seize it with alacrity that
surpasses expectations!
Thank you for visiting my site. Let me know if you have a creative challenge you'd like to discuss with me!
~ Libby
I hold a BFA, major in Graphic Design from Ohio University and certificates from U.C. Berkeley Extension and General Assembly. 

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