My first visit to a design studio was when I was seven. I became transfixed by the rows and rows of markers and piles of sketch pads. This was my dad's studio inside a large company in Dayton, Ohio.
He and his group of men — yes, they were all men back then — were called Commercial Artists. That title evolved into Graphic Designer which I studied to become when I went off to college.
After graduation, I moved to Philadelphia to pursue my career and worked for a variety of companies before starting my own practice with clients including SmithKline Beecham, IBM and AT&T.
I moved to San Francisco to head up the packaging graphics department at Clorox through an Oakland-based marketing agency. From there I went on to work for Apple, Gap, and a couple of start-ups.
My passion for drawing has sparked a new project I'm calling Cat City, Ink©, which uses no ink, but instead the Apple pencil and my iPad. 
Thanks to the encouragement of my local AIGA chapter, I've found another outlet for my illustrations — Visual Notetaking, aka Graphic Recording or Sketch Notes. This is where I do live sketching to record a conference or event. For those projects, I still use markers and sketch pads.
So that's my story. How can I help you visualize yours?
~ Libby
I hold a BFA, major in Graphic Design from Ohio University and certificates from U.C. Berkeley Extension and General Assembly. 

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