This design was printed on T-shirts that were sold
at events across the city. 
Local delegates were seen wearing them at the 2016 DNC. 
This version was designed for Pride events and also printed on T-shirts.

In 2015, I created this design for Hillary's San Francisco's campaign,
printed as event banners and also for SF for Hillary Facebook pages.
I also created custom web banners and table signs for many other
California counties and cities.

This was a logo I designed for the monthly event hosted by San Francisco Green Drinks.

A group of citizens from Los Gatos, CA needed a logo design for T-shirts to wear while protesting the opening of a new store called "The Gun Shop". The above were two of the concepts I proposed.

In 2008, I was asked by the SF for Obama committee to design a logo for signage and T-shirts.
Working with the OFA logo made my job easy! I illustrated the bridge that sits beneath it. The tens of thousands of dollars in proceeds was distributed to several swing states.

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