Left: This is a comp for Just Share It's mobile app. I created six different icons using existing art.
Center & Right: Page layouts for site while it was being built. Created typography, photo illustration of center page.
As part of the branding process, these are a couple of digital sketches I created for Susty Girl's website.

These are concepts for a non-profit re-branding project. The BC3 organization wanted to make their website more dynamic for members and more inviting to potential members visiting the site. My exploration of the numbers 1–5 represented the five core values of the organization. They opted to continue with their current site at the time.

Production of banners and emails for Apple's Channel Stores' websites.

Website design as part of an overall branding project (see Case Study).

3Degrees is a "spin-off" from 3Phases. See Case Study for the total rebranding story.

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