Self Portrait

Left: Christmas on Lombard Street ©2016. Right: Transamericat © 2017 holiday card.

Both are a part of a series of illustrations called Cat Sitty™. 

This is an illustration I did on my iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil in honor of International Women's Month, March, 2017.
Left: This is my cover design and illustration of a map of team members' favorite California adventures,
given as a farewell gift to a fellow employee. The camping icons are stock images.
Right: Part of the email party invitation to team members.
Digital sketches of former colleagues for internal purposes for Schawk, Inc. (Apple onsite).

Illustration for a baby shower invitation.

The SF Giants won the World Series in 2014, the same year the show "Mad Men" had it's final episode. These two events inspired me to create this illustration.

Illustration for the Susty Girl brand I created (see also Logo | Branding).

Illustration for the JazzCat brand I created (see also Logo | Branding).

Digital illustration (sans the center yogi, which existed as part of the client's overall logo) for a workbook on health and wellness.

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